Sunday, October 31, 2010

the great gatsby..

what is go great about the great gatsby?
hal000.. nme pon the geat gatsby.. mestilah great..

nape aku perlu tulis psl novel yg telah dijadikn muvie nie?
sblum 2 bak kte lecturer aku; jom kte cuci mate tgk mamat hensem nie dlu.. like3(nie ayat lec aku ye + ayt aku sndiri la.. =)

lec aku suke yg another 1 pnyer version.yg hero dia nme Robert Redford..

so sape lg hensem?? x pyh ssah2 pkir... x masok exam pong!!

dh jauh melalut dh nie. kmbali ke pangkal jln.....

reason why i post bout this this is bcoz i found some1 that has some similarities wif the character gatsby. not his face ok!! if he really looks like either one of them, i'll be da first 2 takle him.. nope, i'm just kidding.

ok let me tell 'u' incik gatbsy who is Jay Gatsby.

he is just a poor guy. he fell in luv with a rich girl. he really2 luv her. but then it's a typical love story. the rich cant marry da poor. so she married another guy. however, gatsby didn't just give up. he work hard. he wanted to be rich so that 1 fine day he can marry daisy, the girl that he luv.
when he is rich, he build a mansion a cross daisy's house. the only thing that indicated daisy's house at that time is a green light. yet, it is enough 4 gatsby. seeing that green light is enough 4 him 2 know that daisy is near n close to him. him always throw party. hoping that 1 day daisy n her husband might drop by. and god answer his prayer when daisy's cousin, nick moves next to gatsby's mansion. that's when gatsby got the chance to meet daisy. it's a long story n to make it short, he even die because of daisy.

what makes u, 'incik gatsby' similar to gatsby?

  • u really enjoy ur rumate's company. like gatsby, nick is just a simple n poor man yet gatsby treat him like his best friend. u appreciate ur fren just like him.
  • gatsby is a true lover. he never fall inluv with another girl after daisy. i hope u r da same.
  • he is quite cute in his own way.
  • he help his friend.
  • willing 2 sacrifice 4 the 1 that he luv. work hard 2 get what he 1. looks 2 me u 2work hard 2 get what u want.
i like him bcoz he is romantic. huahuahua..

ok now u know bout him, do u think u've da similarities with him?

btw: i think u still owe me something..


“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”

custom made 4 my adik2 in abasiyah..

I’ve a really great time today. I was really tired but i’ve promise
(tak nk berjanji takut memungkiri nnti menyakiti ) somebody that i’ll write about how i feel when i was wif them. So, here u go..

To my sweet adik2 maahad:
U guys r really fun to be wif. Huhu.. rse mcm.. mcm ner nk decribe yer.. the bond u guys have are really special. All of u know how to appericate people. Luv each n every 1 of u for that. They even said that i was like a




Nope, they said i was like a ‘home coming queen’ when i came there. They showed that they apperciate me n my fren for coming. They asked us a lot of thing & seriously, if it was an exam question i’ll definately failed!!!

It’s not like one question at a time. It’s like 150 million question at 1 split second.
The questions are like;
~ akak ingt x nme sye?
~ akak rndu x kt kte org?
~ akak dtg dgn sape?
~akak drive ke?
~mne akak2 yg len?
~akak knal abg .... dgn .... x?
~akak cuti ke?
~akak x nk tdo sini ke?
~akak nape x ajk yg len?
~akak dtg la wat program lg dkt sni.
~akak dh exam?
~lme x akak cuti?
~akak nnti kim slm dkt kak.... dgn akak .... pas tu kim slm dgn abg2....

Tp dlm bnyk2 soalan, yg pling best n nk brpeluh jgk aku nk jwp ialah :

Akak bile nk kawen??? Pergh... pedih hulu hati siut... “ tak la dkt jari manis akak 2 dh ade cincin, ingt dh nk kawen. Klau kawen nnti wat la dkt abasiyah nie!” mmg kaw2 pnye.. trbaek la!!
Mcm ner la akak nk kawen dik oi.. yg akak suke 2 plak, tah la... x tau nk ckp mcm ner.. my KISA, tlg jwp kn soklan 2 utk sy.. ble agk2 my KISA nk mas0k minang sy? Bkn nyer parents sy dh tnye tp adik2 nie yg tnye b/p (bg pihak) diorg. & sy jgk la.. so, answer please!!!
Haha... bnyk la!

sepetang bersame adik2 mmg best.. they give me brooch that match my beg..

Korg mmg sweet!!

Adik2 group ‘MUSLIMAH’
- Study hard n smart. Set ur goal/s n work hard 4 it.
- Obey Allah n his messenger..
- Luv ur parents, family, teacher n friend.
- N like abg Dato' already told u: ‘adik2 bljr dulu, jgn couple2 nie’. (cet, dia pon bcinta time bljr.. kat0k pkai boot kang!!)

Luv u all !!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

membuang emas..

nape membuang emas? iyolah dh org kte mse 2 emas.. bak kte sepah si raja lawak 2 plak:
x pernah lg aku tgk org dkt kedai emas jual masa.. klau pkir2 blik btul jgak.. tp kte kne plak brblik kpd ingt 5 sblum 5..

ingt x lagu 2 murid2?

ingt 5 perkara..
sebelum 5 perkara..
sihat sebelum sakit..
muda sebelum tua..
kaya sebelum miskin..
lapang sebelum sempit..
hidup sebelum mati..
(lupe susunan dia)

so ape tema cite aku pd ari nie?
adekh mengenai si undertaker?

x de kne mengena pon dgn beliau nie..

atau pon mengenai cinta si penggali kubur

ini pon bkn.. btw, it's a very nice drama!

ape yg cube aku smpaikn?

aku nk ckp yg tlg la sdar diri ye!! (ckp dkt diri sndiri nie)
1. ko 2 tgh dmam.. nape la x tdo wlaupon telan 2 bijik panadol? (ke ko telan caffeine?)
2. esok ko nk g jln jauh kot!!!
3. ape hal la ko lyn org chat yg bkn2? (bek ko bce bku ke, solat ke! ade pekdahnye)
4. sape nk kemas brg2 ko nie?? (aku bkn ade bibik ke? siut man, that's myself!)
5. cian dkt baby.. (penat dia 1 hari on je. Sori baby!!)

so miss Q please go to sleep now!!!


life is not fair...

have u ever feel that way?
have u ever blame any1 or anything 4 what happen 2 u?
have u ever feel that u r not good enough, not smart enough or not popular enough?
see whether u can say that anymore after watching this video..

my favourite line is:
it a lie to think u r not good enough, it's a lie to say u dont worth anything..

what we have been through are nothing compare to him. i'll still remembered reading a column in reader's digest about a doctor. she went on a vacation with her friends. they went there by train. she was walking around the train when she try to get another carriage. she slipped and fell. she was badly injured. the other doctor who treated her have to cut both her hands and legs. however, she do not give up. she continued her studies.
the rest of the story.....

just remember.. life never was n never will be fair..
enjoy your life, life life to the fullest..
if people give u lemon, why dont u try to make mango juice.. then people will be amaze with u.. (dont know what it mean? think harder..)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

25 random things about me...

1. i luv shoes..(even cry when sume1 step on my shoe)

2. i gave nickname 4 all my stuff.. (enjoy doing it)
3. luv 2 sing.. (though my voice is not so nice)
4. can easily get traumatize.. (people can prank me any time)
5. i luv mcD espeacially happy meal, french fries n ribena..
6. i've bantal busuk which i cant go sleep without it..(luv u very deeply Muchuk!!)
7. i luv food n eating.. (especially da sweet 1 but it takes me hours 2 finish my food)
8. i hate waiting 4 people..
9. i hate people who smoke n speed/ drive car 2 fast.. (bcoz i've been in accident)
10. luv 2 play in da rain.. (i luv rain so much)
11. happy go lucky n sumtimes can easily get touch by annoying people..
12. i think puking in front of da public is not cute n hot.. (bcoz i can easily felt nausea)
13. i hate public transportation.. (smells like stinky sock!!)
14. slightly retarded.. (enjoy doing stupid thing)
15. addicted 2 cartoon.. (name it, i watched every cartoon)
16. i luv my winnie the pooh collection.. (wtp_5956)
17. luv watching football though i cant play..

18. i luv watching movie..
19. i dont have a lot of fren but i've real frens.. (luv them very much)
20. my mum noe all my secrets, she's my super duper 5 star fren.. (even ngumpat-ing my fren wif my mum)
21. really,really,really wants 2 be a police officer..
22.da worse nick name i've ever get is 'matang'.. (suit man.. what da fish.. hate da boy who called me that name)
23.i always think that boy/guy who wear black as super cute n sexy.. (what's wrong wif me??)

24. i've crush on somebody rite now..
25. never have boyfren.. (parents dont allow it)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

suksis famili...

ape bende alah 2..
suksis ialah police volunteer reserved for university students.

why i enter suksis?

boz of the uniform..

that all!!
but then i get more than wat i want..

kenape sy suke family suksis saya?
sbb dia best sgt!!!
nk knal famili suksis saya? jom...

ini ayahanda kami.. dia sorg yg caring n slalu take care psl kami.. syg ayahanda..

si sm laki.. hensem x? brpnye sdah.. (aku agk je.. huhu)

nie plak sm pompuan... kecik2 cili padi oi yg nie.. superb...

~~~~ nie plak kami, B 3-3 + fara = havoc!!~~~~

dis is our boys.. there's 23 of them...

and the girls.. bubbly, funny n sweet of course... used 2 be 35, now it's 34..
we're going 2 miss u ummi..
nie mse liga sukan suksis...

penyokong kuat hijau kuning.. (eh silap, 2 aku!) penyokong kuat inter..

pahlawan volleyball inter..

gossip bwh pokok..

pling penting.. game pling best.. ragbi + bola jaring = ragring..


mse kursus etika..


community service; mahaad al abasiyah..

there's a lot more bout dis famili that i want to share wif u..
but 1 thing 4 sure..
suksis is ohara 4 me now.
ohara means family..
family means no body gets left behind or been forgotten...

suksis = happy famili..

hari lahir.. memori @ tragedi?

for those who celebrate their birthdat today, first and foremost happy birthday.
so,what did your fren do? how did you plan on celebrating it?

i've a lot of experience on pranking people during their birthday. i know it was not nice but it's only for fun..

experience 1: my own roomate, cik b0na..

huhu.. yg nie standard charted je.. syg rumate la kte kn.. aku pakat dgn bdk 1 umah. mcm biase la, jgn wish.. klau time birthday bdk2 je, org wajib jmpe ialah aku.. bkn ape jd kepale nk knekn org.. aku mmg kaki pranking.. cis!!

kebetulan mlm bufday rumate ku yg rumit itu ialah mlm rowcall (panggil nme utk suksis,jgn tnye suksis 2 ape bnde alah. len2 time je aku story da mory). sbgai rumate yg penyayang n ambil berat psl rumate dia.. ceh3.. aku pon telah kluar ptg 2 utk beli kek. dgn chiah (ajk logistik merangkap runner). bukan 1 tp 2 sekali aku beli.

mlm 2 kami smbut biase2 je tp best la sbb bufday rumate aku sme dgn incik J.. so nyanyi la rmai2.. dh sdah 2 sesi calit mncalit kek ke muka bufday girl..
party x berakhir disitu.. to be continued at B 3-3..


experience 2: nisa, my coursemate..

yg nie last minute planning.. jmpe geng dia badminton court..





pkul 11 tepat, kami call mangsa.

tempat kejadian: tangki air khar.
mangsa: nisa.
MO: accuse her 4 stealing sum1 boyfren.
barang bukti: telur 10 biji, tepung 2 kampit..

pnye kutuk...
pnye tuduh...
pnye maki...
pnye marah...

tepat pkul 12.. aku dgn tanpa segan silu n confidentnya..
kelepuk!! aku tempek telur atas kepale dia. just nice!! bufday cake is done..


experience 3: suksis family, asma...

yg nie pong org len pnye plan.. tp aku watak utama.. huhu...

gadoh psl hamper..

dialog aku snang je...

" klau dh x suke x pe, tp jgn dok asyik ngate je"


that's all...

n repeat it 4 like thousand times..

n she believe me.. only me.. siut man!!

ble tbe dkt kdai mkn bru bg tau ape jd..
meleleh air mata wa ckp lu...


experience 4: my Favorite of all..

chiah, housemate ku.. yg aku bengang dgn dia nie ialah semnggu sblum bufday dia, dia dh pukul canang 1 kg.. peh!! bikin panas.. wa pon ape lg. pnggil ahli mesyuarat tingkap meeting.. eh, wajib! wlau pon plan dh ade, tp msti meeting dlu (tkut plan aku kejam sgt!).

ble ahli mesyuarat dh luluskn usul, ape lg plan pon dijlnkan.. mse bufday dia, 1 umah x wish. wat donno je.. pnat gak la minah nie bg klu.. still no respond from us. smpai nangis kot.. siap melalak ckp dgn org len kami lupe bufday dia.. AAK!! (ade aku kesah?) seyes wei.. 1 week kot.. dia smpai dh thap give up dh..

so mcm ner kami smbut budfay dia?

mcm nie..

.. aku dgn mangse kejadian ..

tp crite x abis disini...

ondaway blik..
moto kami wat hal da..
2 la, prank org lg kn.. amik ko jajan...

moto rosak dpn jpj time polis wat roadblock dkt dpn.. mmg sdap!!
yg pnting kami maintain cun, picnic la dpn jpj 2. bwk kuar sgale jajan2 dlm beg aku.. aku kn doremon bab2 mkn nie...
but we still have fun dat day.. credit 2 cik sham n abg mal 4 willing 2 repair da motor 4 us.. <3 <3 <3


ape pon yg anda wat utk bufday..
sape pon yg smbut bufday..
ble pon dia smbut bufday..

remember 1 thing.

kte sbnarnye tlh diberi peluang sekali lg utk terus bernafas supaya kte dpt bribadat n berbakti... use it wisely..

Monday, October 25, 2010



i promise myself dat i'm not gonna post anything 2day as i'm extremely happy..
1. my baby is back 2 normal again. (yipee!!!)
2. incik H commented on my fb. (i know dis 1 sounds ridiculous..)
3. i ate super delicious beriani gam 2day!!
4. i went 2 tasik embayu, proton city. (sumthing i want 2 do 2 sems ago)
5. makan2, lepak-ing n pranking my fren.

but i've 2 say this out loud 2..

~ 2 my ayahanda..
i'm so sory 4 all da wrong thing i've done 2 u. i've said bad things about 4. i'll try not 2 do it anymore in future. i know u've hurt my feeling really deeply but i've no right 2 do what i've done. terribly sori.

~ those i've removed from my fb..
sori that i've removed 2 guys from my fb. i know it will create more ciaos. i do it 4 no reasons. yup bcoz i'm emotional at dat time.. sori my dearest..

~ my suksis famili
yes i dont act like i'm one if ur family now. my mistake.. dont know what i've gotten into me.. but bear in mind that i luv u guys so much.. as much as i luv my shoe..

sori seems to be the hardest word...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

not me, not now.. but not 4ever..

© Official SONG 2010

stick to ur status quo..

it's like a wake up call 4 me to write bout this thing although i know the person i wanted to read this dont even know about this blog. but 4 those who have read this, please take note n share this with others..

1st n 4 most i've questions 2 ask u;
1. what u ever discriminate any1 before?
2. what did u feel toward other races n gender?
3. did u have any bias frens, family members or person that u know is a bias person?
4. r u willing 2 share water bottle or food with your fren from other races?

u dont have 2 tell me da answer to all the questions above... it's up 2 u.. whatever u feel or do are ur personal business. there's no right or wrong answer here.

but.. there's a big but here...

have u ever consider about other people feeling other then just ur feeling?
do u have frens other then just frens ur comfort zone?

back then when i was in school, i have this one chinese fren, she is a baba n nyonya. she told me that she was sick n tired of the way other people treat her. she cant speak chinese fluently bcoz her family n her speak malay at home. so what? doesnt mean if u have chinese blood u've 2 speak chinese all the time!
~ wanna noe my advise 2 her? i always told her that some people r still alive bcoz it is illegal 2 shoot them!! i'm so not a good fren, am i?~

i also wonder why malay people always consider a malay who speaks in english as arrogant n forget where he came from.. what the heck man? i dont say i sound stupid when i speak in malay is just that sumtimes i prefer 2 explain sumthing in english more then in malay. we know that we are malay!! it's stated in our ic!

u have 2 know sumthing. just bcoz some1 is different from u, not in da same blood as u, u have u discriminate them. just bcoz u r more senior or at better level then the other person u can talk behind that person's back. what would u feel if other people do it 2 u? if u really like sins then i've nothing 2 say.

we live in malaysia, an independent n free country. learn 2 adapt n adopt.. it is stupid 4 u 2 ask why chinese people love 2 talk loudly or why malay people used a lot of water 2 clean themselves. it's ridiculous!!! they r used 2 dat way. just walk a way if u cant stand it. i know some of u r more civilize then us but can u just shut the hell up n drive!!! u must know how 2 give n take. this world doesnt evolve on u only!if other people choose to walk in different path from u let them be. if they wear pink wif green let them be as long as their shoes r gorgeous!! huhu..

the other thing that i never understand is about hypocrisy.. these hypocrite people. when u see some1 sucking up, u say their r kissing other people ass but when u have affair just 2 get what u want, then u say it's ok.. who r u trying 2 lie here?
u r eating ur own shits here man!! bullshits...
let say there's dis 1 fren that u did't really like or u felt that she is annoying, dont talk behind her back. if u dont like her just walk a way. never be a hypocrite person. if u hate or uncomfortable with something say it but in a proper way. we never touch people so lightly that we dont leave a trace. i have dis 1 fren. she say that she is not a hypocrite, bullshit!! she smile n still be kind to the person she hate n talk behind that person's back. come on, grow up la!!

"Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had."

if u think that u r great enough try to look around u. there r some1 better then u r.
if u hate this one group of people, dont influence others to hate them 2. never spread the hate baby!! u hate somebody it's u personal issue..(u r so sick man!!!)

there r reasons why i dont mingle wif my coursemate.. not that they r boring..
my course mate r bubbly, super funny + energetic = my adorable coursemate!!
i dont like 2 be in da same group of frens.... u'll be stuck in the same area of thinking (way of laughing n gossiping.. boring man!!)....

it's not that i dont enjoy mingling around wif my inter frens..
they r super cute, drama queen + happy go lucky = my rebellious inter!! huhu.. go go power rangers!!

who teach u dat u have u be fren wif ur own people? ur dad?!! come on.. be more mature. walk our own talk.
i have my own live.. which no body was, is n will understand (i, myself never understand my own life! how can u??!!) i never suffer from insanity, i enjoy every moment of it!!

WARNING: stop taking bout my frens..

l'll be frens with whoever i want. even if my frens is sick n dying!! she die, i die... remember that!!! i mingle wif many people 2 know thing from other perceptive.learn bout other culture, way of life n people's experience. i dont want 2 be stuck in my own little world, my own shoe box! experience is something we dont get untill we need it! most importantly, i dont want 2 die alone like u!!

note: sometimes we choose our frens but sometimes they choose us.
so, if ur frens dont choose u, just walk away.. true n real fren will accept u just da way u r.

n to those who luv 2 discriminate other, better watch out!! stop pissing me off coz i'm running out of place 2 hide the bodies (just so u noe)!!

m00d meter