Thursday, April 26, 2012

suka sangat!


i cry...
saya menangis...

insyallah saya takkan  layan awak macam awak layan saya.
tapi awak buat  saya nangis.

waiting for superman . . .

assalamualaikum and hello there...

mr. superman:
i became famous through this song when i am younger than now
it is written when i'm 17, it's a little bit funny but lovely teen stroy.
Who hasn't wanted to be super hero for the loved one?

besides Mr.A, before i went to sleep i watch this guy. the different between Mr. A and Mr.Superman?
that i pray Mr. A is the one ...  *wink* silently falling in love with him in my mind... pray and asking from Allah; he's the one for me. 

pray for me peeps!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

the end of suksis life. . .

when writing our own life story, don't let someone else hold the pen..

assalamualaikum and hello there,

my story in suksis is almost finish.
before the curtain falls, i wolud like to say a few things. things that i dont want to be left unsaid.

my whole life, i thought i'm not going to find love outside my home but from suksis, i not only find friend but i find sisters and brothers. i'm glad i face this journey with you guys. you made the climb so much easier. i owe you guys all my life. my prays are with each and everyone of you. we met as complete strangers now, we have each other. many people doubt in me but somehow i made it through the night. i live the script of my life. nothing about that will change.

It´s like a game of truth or dare
If you can make it here
You´ll make it anywhere 
That´s what we´ve been told 
But the story's getting old
And we made a lot of sacrifice
Undid a lot of ties
Fought a lot of fights
To get where we are now
Just don´t ask me how

everything else i wanna say is in the song. let the record shows, i did it my way!

the event is real,
the feeling is genuine,
and my story here is over.
~ FIN~

Saturday, April 21, 2012

concern or curious . . .

some people are meant to fall in love 
but not meant to be together

assalamualaikum and hello there...

seyes dah lama giler aku tak merapu dekat blog nie. dah berabuk kot!!
busy dengan hidup yang semakin fun dan bahagia.
( aku pilih untuk hidup begitu)
bila hidup makin interesting, jiwa makin kosong dan otak makin penuh.
aku mula pelik.
manusia keliling aku nie sebenarnya betul2 concern or just curious?
i rather wait and see..
but remember guys:

curiosity kills the cat . . .

cakap boleh sebarang cakap.
tapi jangan sampai kata2 itu jadi dosa.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

redha itu indah...

assalamualaikum and hello there...

hari ni aku mula rasa ape itu redha dengan takdirnya. kelakar tapi itu yang aku rasa hari nie. bukan senang jiwa kacau ini nak merasa setabah ini tapi aku redha. pada mulanya aku anggap jiwa aku dah terlalu kosong untuk merasa segala luka tapi tak. water drop from the shower made me realize. finally, aku redha.

bila bibir dah tak mampu berbicara,
bila jiwa ini yang berbahasa,
bila kosong minda,
lalu aku redha.
andai itu takdirnya.

p/s: dah lama tak merapu dekat sini sebab aku dah ada tumblr! hahahaha

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