Saturday, June 7, 2014

starting over

assalamualaikum and hello there,

pergh... checking the last date i posted something here i say that i've made a lot of progress. usually i write when i'm sad or there's a lot of things going in my mind. as for now. everything is smooth and steady.

life is as i want it to be.
me? i'm happy.
status hati? sudah dimiliki... lol

setahun yang aku lalui dari tarikh habis belajar untill today banyak yang aku belajar.well, at least i learn to let go.paling penting hidup nie simple sangat. if you choose to be happy, happiness will come your way. buat something simple2. fikir pon simple2. simple is better.

aku tak sure tentang esok. tapi hari ini tiada lagi regrets.

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