Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SLA aka my last words..

4 those who dont noe wat SLA is.. let me tell u wat it it.. SLA is second language acquisition.
according to wiki wiki(wikipedia); Second language acquisition or second language learning is the process by which people learn a second language in addition to their native language(s). "Second language acquisition" refers to what the student does; it does not refer to what the teacher does (see "language education" for work on language teaching).
wat i like about SLA?
ok 1stly bcoz it teach me n let me understand bout the difficulty that teaching & learning 2nd language. ok the 2nd reason bcoz of the lecturer, Mr. Azman aka my AA (academic advisor).. let me share wif u a bit about this AA thing-ing.. at 1st i thought it's ridiculous as i only meet my AA twice a sem (2 get his sign 4 add drop course n 2 get my exam slip) but once i noe him, he was very funny n good teacher i must say. he noe how 2 attract his student. he sing, he act n make joke just 2 make da learning process fun n interesting. i can still remember he sang 1 song called cinta kilat. nice song..

ok enough bout him, wat i want 2 share wif u 2day is wat he said in his class 2 day. it's an eye opening 4 me. suddenly i realize sumthing. wat if i die 2morrow n no body noe wat i want 2 do n said. who i want 2 said sori 4. .

he said..
when we r young.. we learn / study bout everything yet we noe nothing..
mean we go to school, we study but we are s0 naive. we believe everything that been taught n told to us.. let said we were told bout a wrong fact yet we believe it n later when sum1 correct it we wont believe it. notice that?

when we are teenager.. we learn sumthin' n noe sumthin'..
teenager is da age when we thought we noe evrything; wat we want, wat we felt n wat best 4 us but we r not.. we went trough a situation n make mistake. that's when we learn. fall in luv n get hurt; that's when we noe luv doesnt always bout the sweet2 thing (cinta itu memiliki syg itu membahagiakan).. we ride a motorcycle n fell n noe that it hurt but it make us more aware..

when we are adult .. we learn more thing and noe little
when we r adult we have da power 2 determine our own life so we thought we r in control but every now n then we keep on making mistake n bad decision. we have kids n we said noe wat they want n feel n we want da best 4 them but we dont asked them. we become more ego as we grow older n r hard to tolerate wif.

when we are old.. we learn a little but forget bout everything..
started to 4get our own name. we begin 2 act like a baby. cry n sulk over small thing. we r at da age we r suppose to teach but since we have kids n stuff, they start to control our life. if we have high blood or diabetic, they will tell us wat to eat n stuff. so we dont noe wat 2 do really.. our like then be like a little baby.

i told u all this to remind u n myself bout our days to come. i might have da chance 2 prepare 4 my last day n if not this wat i would like 2 say t0:

my enemies: please 4 give me. i might noe what i've done 2 u n might not but still if u hate me 4 watever reason, i'm sorry.. forgive me if i irritated or said bad things to or bout u. i hope when i'm gone u r willing 2 4gve me.

da person i noe n noe me: thanks 4 stopping by in my life.u make my day n i hope u enjoy having me in ur life as much as i appreciate u guys in my life.

my exskul mate: my primary skul sk bakri bt 5. u guys r fun n i cherish every moment we spent. sory that we nver meet again after we went separate way.

my 1st high skul studi: my classmate i have so much fun wif u guys. thanks!! luv u guys <3>

my 2nd high skul smk sg abong: though we share bitter sweet memories, i will always remember u guys. sori i was a bit giler kuase back then but i enjoyed doing everything there. 2 dayah n ijam: sori things doesnt work out between us. to nadia i dont really noe wat's ur problem wif me but i still luv u.. ahakz ok i dont want 2 lie.. i hate u making up story bout me. wat the heck?!!! still i'm sori 4 da pain that i cause u.. 4 yah, aan, kak hanim, ruffe, apan, pahmi n kak fura aka ran; i'll never 4get wat u guys have taught me. all da fun thing that we've done. the tear n laugh that we share. i'll always turn to u.. luv u n miss u..

my third high skul smk dato/ sedar: i hate da time i spent in dato but then i luv being part of the aspuri/ hostel. 4 kembar; i'll never 4get wat u've done 2 me. u make me lose my dignity & self esteem through out that year. but u guys made me see n realize my real fren. 4 da boys who have make me suffer; arif i noe u might never get dis message but i hate u. next time think b4 do sumthing. but thank u allah. the truth finally reveal. 4 my frenz yati , syahila, syakila n wanie. thanks a lot my fren 4 willing 2 stand n fight 4 me.. may allah bless u. i'll always luv u..

my fren in plkn ypj sekakap: i noe we didnt have happy ending but i still enjoy my time there. u guys r really fren indeed. kak emma, afdah, joned n fara n last but not least my apple hijau, ham.. i luv u till my last breath. stay da same babe. all the stupid thing that we've done make me luv u guys more n more. viva la vida.....

my frenz in upsi: thanks3 4 all da luv, support n fun. ahakz.. u guys r mereng but fun.. kenape sy suke upsi? sbb kwn sy best!! amoon, kak anis, geng bona (ain, rina, balqis n azie) ika bani.. & not 2 forget geng sej n ngumpat-ing at tangga jadoo n azie.. u guys r da b0mb!!!

teslian; (i pause 4 a very long time b4 writing this section, not that i'm thinking bout who to thank but i'm looking 4 da rite word 2 asked 4 forgiveness..) u noe who u r n da only word i can say is sorry 4 everything. we just dont meant to be. but i'll always remember the good time.but have u every think bout what i feel? nope..? i guess i really am miss invisible..

my suksis family; ya allah, please look after this people. they have been really helpful 2 me. they r real when evrything else is lie. my b 3-3 housemate (bona, chiah,sha,kema n saiti) bapak2 (ezhar aka gonggok), mama n mummy (nonie n miera), kakak2 (tika n fieda), tuan penasihat, u r there when i fall, when i cry when i'm lost. only allah noe how much i owe u guys.. luv,luv n always luv u.. what m i gonna do without u.. 4 that 1 particular person who has been the pain in my butt all da time, i pray u'll get back wat u give. may allah bless u..

to my fren.. i dont noe what i've done that hurt u so much. i really wish we can be like da good old days. but things will never be the same again. if not coming to meeting is a very big deal to u then it's my bad. yes i've not been there 2 support u but not being there doesnt mean i dont care. it hurts me when u guys pretended i'm not apart of u anymore. really2 hurt!!
(FYI: i dont really like attending a meeting 4 watever purposes.)
to my other bapak:
yes it's my mistake. but it's just a slip of my tongue. i didnt do it on purpose. i'm really sori. but please take note that ur words hurts me more than i hurt u. what i wrote about u was just a joke n i thought u were joking 2..
my mistake again..

my family: mama i noe i'm not a good daughter. but always noe u r no 1 in my heart. i could never find enough ways 2 pay u back 4 everything u've done 4 me.. my pray will always be wif u. mama, i'll hope u r happy till the end of ur life. ma, i luv u. i really2 luv u. please 4give me n i thank allah i'm ur daughter. ayah, ibu n abah.. thanks 4 raising me up.. only allah can pay u guys back.. my siblings; i noe we argue a lot but that the fun thing bout being sibling.. luv u guys!!!! do took good care of my mama...

i might not have thank so many other people bcoz i couldn't put my 21 years of life in this 1 page. 4 every1 that 4 making me da person i'm. sori 4 everything.

ya allah, i've done so many wrong thing, hurt so many people but i'm just a human being trying to fit in. though i'm not the best but i'm me.. i learn,life n luv..
at the end of my time in this world, i've forgive every1.. i've live my life just da way i want...
n when time come, my story ends....... fin

Sunday, September 26, 2010

maahad al abasiah..

when i was told bout this community services that i have 2 do for SUKSIS, i was terrified. 1st bcoz it's a sekolah agama rakyat. than bcoz it a religion skul (psl aku nie skema giler kn). so, last weekend (24-26 sept) i went there wif my frenz. my 1st impression was 'my goodness, wat a small skul n students'. then we start our activity. i wasn't really into it at first bcoz i'm not feeling well. however at nite evrything turn 180 degree around.

huhu: let code switch..

smpai2 je aku dkt sungkai 2, aku dh brdebor dh. turun bas g mkn dkt kantin sek(kecik tp bersih). kami mkn nasi lemak dgn teh tarik. wa ckp lu.. aku dh lme x rse nikmat mkn nasi lemak mcm 2 pnyer best dkt bumi tok janggut nie;rumate aku ckp perak nie bumi tok janggut. ampun kn la beliau krane beliau cikgu bm. adik2 maahad mmg best giler. tp 1 bnde je aku x suke. mslh 'ayour' kte org perak. air kt sne mak dato' nk kuar 2 mcm segan2 je. so mcm2 la mslh yg kte org hadapi. smpai tdah air hujan kot mse 2n day sbb x de air nk mndi. nseb bek kte org pnye pgawai (insp ros) bek giler sdi tlg tdahkn. pas 2 lg x blh lupe tdo atas lntai. style2 camping time sek dlu. pergh.. lme siut x wat mcm 2.. tp nseb aku bek lg skali sbb my fren niah mohd (credit 4 her) sbb dia bwkkn utk aku tilam pam2.. huhu.. agk lwak la gak.. pas 2 ari sabtu kte org wat game nme dia 'jaringan maut'. best n fun. ble abis game 2 je adik2 blnje kami ais krim malaysia. huhu.. makaseh ya adik2. lme x mkn ais krim 2. pas 2 time mkn la yg aku ske gler. mkn pnas2 pas 2 sdap sbb ade smbal blacan. mmg mkn btmbah. diorg la, aku mkn pon x abis (nmpk sgt tmak!!) bnyk lg bnde best2 psl adik2 nie. siap jmpe muke yg sme dgn muke pakwe sorg bdk group aku nie. ade student 2 muke same dgn driver tuan kte org. aku ingt ank dia. cis, skali cik 2 bru kawen la. hampeh!! nie sume akn jd knangan indah aku. maahad al abasiah, u'll always have a place in my heart.

the end.
oh, i really wish i can just said that but that's only part 1. this is the part 2 of kisah kasut.

ok u've heard bout da good part. let's talk bout the big BUT. why i dont like dis program it's bcoz of responsibility versus power crazy (melayu nyer giler kuase). ape bze nyer 2 bnde nie? hm... bze nyer skit je. mcm klau kte mkn mcD pnyer breakfast 2.

klau responsibility 2 mcm kte mkn hot cake wif butter. small size, little but sweet n kenyang.
but giler kuase nie mcm mkn yg big meal 2 la. nmpk mcm sdap, bnyk tp slalu x hbis. ble hbis plak jd trlalu knyang.

mcm 2 la. nmpk x bze nyer? x nmpk?!! ok x pe. meh kte menyelusuri denai khidupan. ble kte dberi tugas, mmg ptut kte wat tgas 2 tp ble kte dh melebih2 2 x ptut la. arah2 org plak 2. tlg la profesional. klau jd ketua 2 tlg bezakn emosional dgn profesional (ade org 2 kte dkt aku la). jgn la asyik nk rebut mic dgn org je. bg la chance person in charge 2 do their work. come on la. ur r not da only telanted person here!! hello!! n x prlu kot asyik nk malu kn org je. ape agk nyer ko rse klau org wat ko mcm 2? best ke? ptut la ko asyik nk malu kn org. aku pon ade maruah. tok sah la asyik nk sebut slh org je. lg satu jgn suke mencarut ye. x mo,x mo!! x bek.. n ko ckp kn yg kte nie 1 family, klau 1 family please, please, please respect other's feeling 2. consider what other think b4 say sumthing. coz family means no body get's left behind or being forgotten.

bnyk yg aku nk cerita tp mcm x ptut je kn. sbb kte lg sorg hamba allah 2 ' sy x suke cerita aib org, sy simpan' tp yg hang dok jaja cerite org dkt 1 tman 2 ape kes? hang loklak ka? aku ok klau dberi tugas tp agk2 la wei. x kn la smue ko sorg harung. pikir la org len. org yg mmg 2 tgas dia.

1 lg pd org yg suke sgt cri slh org 2. aku mntak relaks la. chill babe!! aku nie manusia. bkn malaikat. aku ade cela. biase la klau 1st time wat sumthing 2. msti la ade slh2. x kn la 1st time dh perfect kot. hebat mcm ko 2!! haha (gelak nasty style nates..) rabak telinge aku nie dok dgr hang dok 'puji' aku sokmo. tau la aku nie jelek tp skurang-kurangnye aku x hipokrit. cukup2 la tnjuk ko 2 bgus. n klau org len ckp 2 lg2 la dgr. kdng2 org len 2 lbh bgus dr ko. ko ingt ko dh ckup hebat? tlg dongak kt atas. tnye sape lg kuat.
kau hebat?ade hebat lg..
kau kuat? ade kuat lg..
kau lawa? ade lawa lg..
jgn kecoh...
naik bukit kasi pelan2 kayuh.. bru ngam ho!!!

buat org yg trhebat 2, aku tabik dkt ko. ko mmg 'hebat'. hebat sakit kn hati org. haha!! hdup la dgn diri ko sndiri yg ko snjung2 tu. lantak la... ko x nk ckp dgn aku? AAK(ade aku kesah?!!) TTYN la. hate me @ luv me, either way u still think
bout me.

sekian luahan kisah kasut. BTW ur shoes r so not hot..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

seorg yg x dianggap...

have u ever been in a situation where u r actually sumbody but they dont see u like 1..
u r a daughter/son, they said u r but u dont felt dat way..
u r a gf/bf but ur not treated like lover..
u r a fren but u been left behind..

u r whatever u r.. still people dont see it dat way. well u r not alone. i find it hard to accept when people tend to think dat they did sumthing 4 ur own good, they said it's 4 u but da truth is it's 4 them n their selves only. it's wrong to just stop and ask sum1 what they want instead of telling them what u want from them? people said that it is better for u to slow talk. thing might be difficult at 1st but it will get better eventually. however, some might find it unreliable. when words that's all left to say, then words fail to do so.

bear in ur mind it's ok. i noe it's not really ok but u dont have 2 really think bout it. it hurt when people u luv dont luv u back but luv doesnt have 2 be equal. luv hurt n luv suck. however luv it all we have. one day, one fine day u will come across people who luv u the same way u luv them n accept u 4 who u r.

4 those who hate u, dislike u, or watever they felt bout u.. they may be did noe da real u or they cant accept how u r.. just stay da same. it's a privileges if u can be urself.. watever u want 2 do, just remember:
do u really wanna do it?
r u gonna regret it?
listen 2 dis song.. bcoz it helps me evrytime i give up on sumthing..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

ahli mesyuarat tingkap

sedarkah kita (yup!! kau, aku dan mereka) yang kita sebenarnya salah seorang daripada ahli mesyuarat tingkap yang sangat terkemuka. dah jangan nak buat2 x tau plak mesyuarat tingkap 2 apa.

biasanya mesyuarat ini akan dimulakan dengan kata alu - aluan dari pengerusi majlis seperti:

" ko perasan x joyah 2 pnye make up tebal seinci"

mahupon ayat2 yg skema skit mcm nie:

"aku bkn nak kte ape la, tapi ko tau je la si senah 2 pnye perangai mcm mne"

dan akan disambung oleh ahli mesyuarat yang lain. setelah sejam 34 minit dan 17 saat bersidang dibawah2 pokok, tepi2 longkang, dlm dewan2 kuliah dan bilik2 member, sampai la kepada conclusion yg seorang hamba Allah itu, sama ada nama dia senah ke, peah ke, abu ke, sarip dol ke itu sesungguhnye lebih hina, dina, teruk and loser dari anda.

hmmm.... jgn ckp korg x pernah buat la.
btul x pernah????
cube pkir bek2.
btul nie??
x caye la.
not even once???
tak kn la x pernah kot!!!
sekejap pon x pernah ke?
walaupon satu ayat??!!
ok klau mcm 2..

tp pernahkah anda tbe2 wat open discussion with your friend about your other friend??

haaaaa... yg nie aku kompom semua mesti pernahkan!! jgn nk tipu la. mule2 bincang sbb concern la kunun... pas2 tu berlanjutan ke kutuk mengutuk, kate mengate dan yg sewaktu dengannye. dah x pyh nk dalih2 lg. sbb tanpa kte sedar, kite slalu wat bende2 nie. kunun kte yg we care about our friend. for the sake of our friendship la kunun tp sbnarnye??? hmmm.... ~sigh~

babe, klau btul la yg korang kesah (walaupon slalu time ngumpat mesti ckp AAK, ade aku kesah) ckp la direct to that person. tp tgk cara la wei. jgn ingt ko tu dh bagus sgt. sbb klau ko ngate si sengal 2 belakang dia pon bkn nye dia tau. wat ngabiskan boreh yo!! be professional la like someone always tell me.

ape ko pkir ko diba meletup, satu kampung knal ko, ko dh ckup bgus smpai blh suke2 je ngate org?? aku tau la mak aku toreh getah mak ko datin wanabe! cis.... cbe sekali - sekala time korg ngumpat 2 kn korg rakam sesi dialog korg 2 pas 2 wat tontonan umum rmai2. mesti meletup mak ayam kn!!! huhuhu... klau korg kte sesi 2 lawa & berseni mmg sentap neknak la korg nie. mmg kategori heartless pnye org.

prnah pkir x ape perasaan korg klau korg trdengar org tgh ngumpat korg?

p/s : (wat dili senlili jgk sbnrnye) klau dh x suke x ape tp jgn ngate. bkn smue org sebaik, semulia, sepandai n seglamour ko! alrite you ollzz, chiow dlu!!!

m00d meter